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There's nothing worse than doing the exact same thing every day! Your marketing shouldn't be the same as your competitor... you were born to stand out! Let's take your marketing to the next level with a strategy plan that is built FOR you! 
Let's be realistic... Blending in isn't what you want right? have you ever noticed that some websites and logos all look the same, do the same things, same colors, same fonts etc... let's make you stand out so you can be proud of your brand.

What is The Foggy Lemon

The Foggy Lemon Development is a Saskatchewan local web development team with 12 dedicated team members that focus on your business needs. If it's non-profit growth, fundraising, charity events we've got you covered! The Foggy Lemon Development has worked with over 400 not for profit organizations in the last 3 years raising over $700,000 for children in need, animal shelters & community events. Our primary focus in business is website design, social media marketing & search engine optimization. 

Okay... So what does The Foggy Lemon do?

We work with your business to determine a strategy that is right for you! Our primary goal is to target the audience that is most effective for your business and your demographics. By providing you with hard data that tracks all the visitors to your website, your social media pages & how they are getting there! This allows us to build you a strategy plan that will go above and beyond your expectations in the online world. For more information, subscribe to our newsletters or book a consultation!

Why should I choose The Foggy Lemon?

Our team is focused on your growth. We provide structured information that allows us to make your online reputation stand out from the crowd and have fun! We provide training in areas of website updates, social media and graphic design. We also offer photography services, videography, green screen animation & so much more! 

Ali is the owner of The Foggy Lemon Development, working across Canada as a graphic designer she decided to move home to set some roots and explore her passion of marketing throughout Northern Saskatchewan. Her main focus in business is to work with independent entrepreneurs by helping them reach their target audience online. She works with many non profit organizations across Saskatchewan and has was a finalist in the 2019 ABEX awards for community involvement.   Ali has also received the BOB award 3 years in a row for best website designer and the NSBA Young Promising Entrepreneur Award.

When working with The Foggy Lemon you will find that they will provide you with strategic marketing methods to help you think outside the box and also... what you can do with the box! 



Debbie Calladine
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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