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Angie Keto coach and personal Trainer.pn

ReDefine Health & Fitness

With Angie

Angie Carriere truly understands the internal battle that is created by excess weight and body changes that come with over eating, having children and/or an aging body.  Angie truly believes that every person out their deserves to ‘Feel Amazing’ and does everything in her power to teach, inspire and coach for that inner FREEDOM for each and everyone of her clients.  Angie is a Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. With over 27 years of experience in the Counselling and Coaching field from her previous career, she brings a wealth of knowledge and Passion into the Health and Wellness Field


Angie shares “It still blows my mind how our body composition can completely take over our way of thinking, acting and feeling about ourselves. How can this be real? Aren’t we supposed to believe that ‘it is what is on the inside of us that counts?’.  That is what we were always taught . . . so why can’t we just be ok with ourselves no matter what shape, size or weight we are?   THE TRUTH?!  Because we DO CARE about our body composition. We do care about looking our best and  being at our optimal health.  And for those of us that our aging . . . Damn rights the surprising body changes that happen over 40 hurt our self confidence.  And YES it does bother us when our clothes no longer fit, the muffin top hangs over, we are 2 – 10 sizes larger then we once were and our mobility starts becoming limited.  There is NO shame in wanting to create change and I am totally committed to helping you accomplish that!  


These body and health changes truly disturb our inner peace. The struggle is real. Bless all of you that cannot relate to the above statement.  Everyone else . . . It does not have to be like this. It is time to BREAK THIS CYCLE and live your life to the fullest! You DESERVE to Feel Amazing and experience the FREEDOM     It breaks my heart knowing there are so many that struggle with their body image to the point of feeling depressed, feeling like a failure, unattractive and wanting to hide.


In attempting to tackle my own body image issues and changes to my aging body, I enrolled in various one-size fits all diets and trending workout programs only to feel worse about myself after each failed attempt. For more than 17 years I became a student of our mind and body. Continually researching and studying everything I possibly could get my hands on about the science behind gaining and losing weight, becoming healthy, how to create change through new eating lifestyles, how to exercise effectively and safely to create change and the list goes on. There is so much information out there that is truly overwhelming.


The 3 things that FINALLY created the change for me? #1 Nutritional Ketosis #2 HIIT (High Intensity Interval training)  and #3 Strength Training (All in that order LOL)  The time and energy spent was well worth it as I quickly identified that this process needed to be taught in a simple and timely manner as NO ONE has that kind of time to study! My PASSION was born and back to school I went at over 40 years old.  HENCE, the birth of ReDefine Health and Fitness with Angie.  NO MORE struggle! There is a solution! Working with me will be your new non judgmental SAFE ZONE to be yourself and start your journey to ReDefining a new relationship with your mind and body.   Let me simplify the process for you and free up your time to just LIVE life to the fullest WHILE getting the results you desire.


Combined with the right exercise regimen, proper technique of each exercise and a Keto Dietician approved customized meal plan that fits into your macro and calorie needs. No pills and no powders; simply whole foods.    . . . RELAX your mind, follow the program and simply experience the freedom while creating change. The change will come and you will experience a oneness with your mind and body once again that will leave you Feeling Amazing. You DESERVE IT!”