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Foodiva Meals

At Foodiva Meals we aim to be a lifesaver for busy individuals and for those who want to enjoy a global culinaire experience by delivering fresh ready-to-eat meals right to them.

Our wellness-focused approach to the food industry fits in with the messiness of real life, so our meals aren’t just nutritious, portioned or delicious. They are all 3 – ALWAYS.

From its origins in colonial India tiffin has made the trip around the globe and have evolved to create a fascinating world of its own, a world that is inspired now by global flavours for busy individuals on the run. Born out of a goal to get more people eat well without compromise, our founding diva’s aim to challenge the status quo in the Saskatoon [YXE] food industry. So, we set out to provide a solution by blending the nutritional needs of wellness with the culinary magic of our chefs, to give back to you that most precious of commodities, time.

It takes a lot of teamwork to make healthy meals taste this good! Our meals are hand-crafted from scratch based on Canadian Food Guide standards using locally sourced, premium ingredients.

With every Foodiva meal you’re obtaining a wide range of macro and micro nutrients, all of which are needed to keep you full of energy and feeling good.

Our carbon footprint is minimal — thanks to our eco-friendly, BPA-free, reusable/recyclable, FDA approved pre-portioned containers straight from the supplier, to reduce food waste.

Say no to meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and washing dishes with our ready-to-eat meals stored in your fridge for the week ahead. www.foodivameals.ca



Debbie Calladine
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 


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