YXE BIZ CONNECT Membership Features & Benefits
Access to monthly events featuring a guest speaker New contacts and referrals, Expand your professional network, Create long lasting relationships, Grow personally & professionally,  Build Confidence and Morale


Connection is why we’re all here. Building relationships with others while expanding your network is key to your business growth. 

To bring together achievement-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who are determined to reach their highest goals and understand that developing quality relationships with each other will help enhance their business success.  
To create a community of like-minded professionals, who believe in the power and importance of networking, connecting with others and growing themselves both personally and professionally. We will collaborate and help promote business in the community and facilitate member success through business development, learning and fostering valuable connections. 
Our values are based on growth, participation, respect and connection. Each member requires a growth mindset, a commitment to connecting and collaborating ideas with the other members in the group, and a willingness to participate as often as possible.
YXE BIZ CONNECT Membership Incentives
Building your professional network is a great way to meet new and like minded business professionals in your area. This increases your referral network, your credibility and your visibility. The purpose of YXE Biz Connect is to come together once a month (4th Monday of every Month) and get to know everyone in the YXE area! We have a keynote speaker to present at the event that is there to help you as a business professional grow in any way that we can! 
To get involved as a member the membership fee includes:
  • All access to every event,
  • Access to being a part of the members panel,
  • Your head shot and write up under the members page on our website,
  • Member post business introduction on the YXE Biz Connect Facebook page and group.
  • Annual Membership Fee is $299.00 a full year.

My name is Debbie Calladine and I'm the Owner and Founder of YXE Biz Connect. My decision to bring this networking group to Saskatoon was based on my belief and passion of connecting with others face to face along with the importance of personal and professional development. There’s nothing like the power of bringing a mastermind of people together. To connect, to collaborate, create and grow. To become exceptional entrepreneurs and leaders within our community.



Debbie Calladine
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 


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