Debbie is extremely passionate about personal development and knows first-hand the importance of connecting with people face to face, building relationships and NETWORKING, so it only made sense to launch YXE Biz Connect.



This networking mastermind event is held on a monthly basis with the purpose of helping Business Owners and Entrepreneurs build authentic relationships and grow both personally and professionally. 


With over 20 years of coaching development, Debbie brings a unique and genuine approach with authenticity and confidence which help people connect with her on a deep level. 


Debbie is a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children, Austin, 24, a young entrepreneur, who has excelled in competitive sports, and Alexa, 13, who has a beautiful, creative spirit and loves dance. 


Debbie’s personal experiences have been by trial and error, which have truly helped her gain perspective and overcome personal and business challenges, gaining confidence and using her experiences to help others overcome adversity with life experiences. 


In Debbie’s spare time, she enjoys family, friends, traveling and connecting with others. She finds the positive in everything and loves to help others create a life of purpose and passion. 

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